Each year we come to the aid of sonographers who want an easy-to-use table that offers pain-free operation. 

We understand the repetitive nature of the procedures for which our tables are utilized, so ergonomics plays a significant role in our design considerations.  We look for ways to minimize operator stress and protect medical staff from injuries that are all too common in the industry.  For more than two decades, we have been leaders in the design and manufacture of ergonomically correct work stations. 

With the incorporation of optional drop-sections, sonographer extensions and other unique features that give technicians a more ergonomically correct and highly functional platform, there is no need to sacrifice comfort to achieve the best possible imaging results.

At MPI, we know that the economics of ergonomics supports your bottom line.  The cost to purchase ergonomically sensitive, patented diagnostic imaging work stations is far less than that of medical bills, Worker's Compensation claims and new staff recruitment expenses necessitated when ergonomics are not addressed, resulting in workplace injury.

We work hard to help hospitals and imaging clinics reduce their risk exposure while improving the patient experience. Our diagnostic imaging tables are used by healthcare professionals in 47 of the 50 Industry Standards of America's Best Hospitals*. 

*As rated by US News and World Report