About Us

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Medical Positioning, Inc. (MPI), based in Kansas City, KS was founded in 1988 as American Echo with the release of our flagship product, the EchoBed®.

The first of its kind, the EchoBed® revolutionized sonography ergonomics, spearheading a specialty imaging table market with the introduction of a drop away section, known today as the Imaging Drop Section. This innovation allows for unhindered ergonomic access to the apical view during echocardiograms, reducing the risk of Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) for sonographers, improving patient comfort and facilitating faster, more accurate imaging.

Today, MPI’s product portfolio includes ergonomic and bariatric diagnostic imaging platforms designed to offer optimum positioning and improved imaging results across cardiology, vascular, radiology, breast biopsy, surgery, pain management, and speech pathology.

Our product line has grown to incorporate platforms designed for Supine Bike Stress Echocardiograms (Stress EchoBed®), Head-Up Tilt Table Testing (HUT™, RRHUT™), General and Women’s Ultrasound (UltraScan Versa™, UltraScan Versa™ Premier), Vascular Imaging (VasScan™ X), Mammography and Stereotactic Decubitus and Upright Breast Biopsy (UltraMamm™, UltraDBI™, DBI™) General Surgery Pain Management (GSPM™) and Modified Barium Swallow Studies (VizaVue®).

Improved outcomes, increased throughput, ADA compliance, and enhanced patient and staff safety are just a few benefits provided by our specialized products. Equally important, the quality of our product ensures an industry-leading long-term-value for your investment.

MPI, offering unique, ergonomic, innovative, and proven products that position you for the best possible results.