Operating rooms are some of the most important areas of a hospital. The surgeries that occur there create a massive amount of revenue for the facility. However, they can also be a costly department. From the long hours of work from dozens of staff members to the steep costs of equipment, procedures, and care, an inefficient OR can do some serious damage to its hospital. Fortunately, there are several ways to improve operating room efficiency and provide the most productive, valuable care possible for your patients.

Start Times

Punctuality is one of the simplest ways to improve operating room efficiency, but with all the people involved in a single procedure, it can still be a challenge. Eliminate tardiness by making sure documentation and other pre-operation processes are complete before the case start time. Emphasize the importance of punctuation with both patients and hospital staff. You can also schedule the day according to the types of procedures you will have. If you have a surgery with a less predictable time block, place it toward the end of the day so that if you run over, you don’t disrupt the entire schedule.


Technical issues are another problem that can seriously slow down an operating room. Broken, slow, or otherwise faulty equipment can throw off an entire day and frustrate everyone involved. You can expedite OR procedures by using and properly maintaining efficient equipment. For example, our C-arm table improves productivity with superior imaging and ideal patient positioning. You should also take regular stock of your equipment so you can stay on top of any necessary repairs or replacements. By monitoring what works and what doesn’t, you minimize the delays and complications that equipment can cause for your OR.

Ask Your Staff

While an inefficient OR costs the hospital money, it creates even more complications for the surgeons and other staff. From lost time to higher stress levels, they also suffer from an inefficient workplace. This means that they’re the best people to ask about what’s slowing them down and how to make improvements. By encouraging this kind of communication, you’re also promoting leadership, teamwork, and empowerment within your work environment. Our HAG chairs are a perfect addition to any hospital to keep your staff healthy and comfortable throughout the long day.