The well-being of your patients relies on the well-being of your staff. However, the physical, mental, and emotional demands of a job in the healthcare industry can take their toll on employees. It’s crucial for hospitals to take care of their workers by providing them with the training, resources, and overall environment they need to stay safe and productive on the job. To help you care for your employees and improve your overall workplace environment, here’s our guide for how to increase staff safety in healthcare facilities.

Focus on Culture

Workplace culture has a major influence on your employees’ actions. When you uphold safety as a cornerstone of your values, your entire staff will follow suit. Promote safety and care by providing your staff with relevant training and resources. Implement safety standards and hold the entire team accountable. The more you encourage safety in your facility’s culture, the more your workers will strive toward following these standards.

Optimize Scheduling

If you’re wondering how to increase staff safety in healthcare facilities, focus on your employees’ schedule. Many hospital safety concerns stem from understaffing and overworking employees. An understaffed facility results in exhausted employees who are more likely to make mistakes or cause accidents. Exhaustion also weakens the immune system, increasing the risk of your employees getting sick from patients. Healthcare facilities must balance their funds with their employee schedules to maintain both their budgets and their workers’ safety.

Provide the Best Equipment

The equipment your hospital uses also impacts staff safety. By keeping your equipment updated, you ensure that your staff interacts with functional and efficient technology. This can help prevent any physical risks that come with lifting or positioning patients, performing long surgeries, and other actions that your staff performs daily. By equipping your facility with ergonomic ultrasound chairs, exam tables, and other products, you give your staff the resources they need to complete their jobs without putting their bodies at risk.