With any procedure, patient comfort should be a top priority. Uncomfortable or anxious patients often result in lower quality images, but when a patient is comfortable and relaxed, the entire process runs more smoothly and successfully. These tips for making your patient comfortable during a sonogram can help your patients feel as relaxed as possible while in your care.

Always Treat them with Respect

Patients are often at their most vulnerable when at the doctor’s office or hospital. They have to deal with a lot of uncertainty, and on top of that, they have strangers invading their personal space. While you can’t avoid this, you can make it much easier on your patients by treating them with respect throughout the entire process. Pay attention to their reactions—especially non-vocal ones. It’s important to move at a pace that respects the patient’s comfort level.

Communicate Well

While you might not deliver a diagnosis or explain results, your patient still relies on you to let them know what’s going on throughout the procedure. Answering questions, walking them through the procedure, and positioning the screen so they can see are all good ways to make your patient comfortable during a sonogram. When a patient understands what’s happening, they will be less anxious about their care.

Practice Good Bedside Manner

As with any patient-doctor interaction, it’s vital to have good bedside manner. Building trust with your patient can work wonders when it comes to helping them feel calm and comfortable. Always portray a friendly and professional tone, and remember that listening is also an important part of communication. Practice active listening techniques—such as nodding, making eye contact, and repeating information to clarify—so your patient knows you hear and acknowledge their concerns.

Pay Attention to Physical Comfort

Emotional comfort stems from physical comfort. If your patient is cold, tense, or in a bad position, not only will it make their experience worse, it’s likely to affect image’s quality. Make sure the room’s temperature and equipment is comfortable. Pillows and covers also provide simple, yet significant, ways to increase patient comfort. It’s also important to have the best ultrasound table and other equipment to make the entire procedure as easy as possible.

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