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The sit+stand+supine and anywhere in-between positioning capability makes the Bantam the most innovative stander available. The new lift design pushes the product even further forward. Simplified operation, increased ability to independently change position, and improved reliability provide therapeutic opportunities not possible in any other stander.











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Upright Standing

• Upright standing is a natural position with the head, hips, knees and ankles
all in vertical alignment
• When a child stands upright, they are likely to feel more balanced and are
in an optimal position to allow strengthening of the neck muscles
• The option to easily go from upright to supine encourages longer periods
of standing, especially when loss of head control begins


Full Support with Sit to Stand

• Full body support system with foot plates, knee pads (anterior), seat (posterior)
and chest pad (anterior) that supports the individual in all positions from sitting,
supine and standing
• Children appear to adapt more quickly to standing and weight-bearing
when using a sit to stand device due to the extra support and sense
of security



Supine Positioning

The Bantam Medium is the only stander that combines the benefits of sit to
stand and the option of supine to create infinite positioning possibilities from
90-90 sitting, fully vertical standing, full supine lying and anywhere in between.
No other stander can provide the amount of positioning that is possible with
the EasyStand Bantam Medium.


Gradual Range of Motion with Hip-Knee Flexion

• Can start in a hip-knee flexion position and gradually increase lower
extremity extension
• By maintaining a sustained, weight-bearing stretch throughout the standing
session, range of motion (ROM) can increase over time for many children




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Weight Limit: 200 lbs. (91kg)
Height Range: 4’-5’6″ (122-168cm)
Seat to Foot Plate Range: 7″-18.5″ (18-47cm)
Seat Depth Range w/Back: 15″-20″ (38-51cm)
Seat Height from Floor: 22″(56cm)
Knee Pad Depth Range: 3″-8″ (8-20cm)
Weight of Basic Unit: 108 lbs (49kg)
Frame Footprint (base unit): 24.5″x44.5″ (62x113cm)
Supine: 0-90°

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