• Patient Consultation: Chair to Table
  • Adjustable & Hideaway Stirrups
  • Optional Dual Articulating Arm Boards
  • Optional Dual Imaging Drop Sections
  • Height and Fowler Adjustment
  • Trendelenburg Adjustment
  • Product Overview

UltraScan Versa™ Table

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Multi-Modality Ultrasound Examination Table

For maximum flexibility in general and women’s ultrasound imaging, the UltraScan Versa™ Table provides a flexible, multi-modality surface designed to improve images and enhance sonographer ergonomics. Our ultrasound examination table converts from a table surface to a chair based on your patient, clinician, and department needs, which allows the UltraScan Versa™ to accommodate all imaging procedures. This ultrasound examination table has many optional features and a flexible design, and the UltraScan Versa™ is the perfect multipurpose ultrasound scanning table for vascular, echo, general, and OB/GYN imaging needs.

You may qualify for a 50% ADA IRS Tax Credit with the purchase of the UltraScan Versa™ Table. To apply, download IRS Form 8826 Disabled Access Credit here.

Our ultrasound examination table is perfect for:

  • Radiologists
  • Sonologists
  • OB/GYN & Fertility Specialists

Optional features of our UltraScan Versa™ Table may be pictured.

Our ultrasound examination table has the following features:
  • Height Adjustment: 22"-38"
  • Fowler Adjustment: 0° - 90°
  • Trendelenburg Adjustment: +-15° or +15° - -25°
  • Patient Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Electric Foot Drop Section
  • Hideaway/Adjustable Stirrups
  • Hand Controller
  • OPTIONAL: Dual Articulating Arm Boards with Patient Back Support
  • OPTIONAL: Dual Echocardiogram Imaging Drop Sections with Patient Back Support
  • OPTIONAL: Trendelenburg Adjustment: +15° - -25°
  • OPTIONAL: Fold-Out Foot Platform
  • OPTIONAL: Hideaway Safety Handrails
  • OPTIONAL: Single Pedal Braking
  • 2-year warranty (See Expanded Specifications and Warranty)
  • Protected by Silverguard Antibacterial Technology
  • Optimizes patient access and positioning to reduce image acquisition time
  • Maximum lower extremity vessel dilation
  • Protects sonographers from potential career-ending injuries by improving ergonomics
  • Bariatric capable
  • Ideal for all Sonography Procedures including:
  • OB/GYN Trans-Pelvic and Endovaginal
  • Vascular including lower and upper extremity, carotid duplex and trancranial
  • Abdominal
  • Gallbladder, renal, hepatic pancreas, etc.
  • Abdominal Doppler for AAA screening, IVC and hepatic veins and renal artery
  • Breast and small parts
  • Echocardiography (with dual drop section option)
  • You may qualify for a 50% ADA IRS Tax Credit with the purchase of the UltraScan Versa™ Table. To apply, download IRS Form 8826 Disabled Access Credit here.